Taking a personal journey

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Taking a personal journey

As Mass adoption starts to become a thing of the past, there is a renewed emphasis on originality and true personalisation in marketing promotion. With the rise in access to personalised products and experiences increases, the demand on brands to incorporate this strategy into their marketing is ever apparent.
Our Creative Director – Design & Strategy, Brendon, was particularly impressed by Tam airlines in how they applied this trend for their on board passengers. Connecting with passengers’ Facebook profiles, the airline created each customer a unique in-flight magazine that featured content on all of their favourite things. From articles on their favourite musicians, to travel recommendations; the magazine left readers feeling connected and amazed by the level of detail they had gone too.
We believe that this rising trend is something that can’t be ignored. Linking to multiple marketing channels and utilising public data, is a method that can be showcased across various marketing platforms. It is this technique that has inspired the whole team in how we go about delivering a personal experience to all of our clients and the work we produce for them.

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