Street smart: transformational advertising

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Street smart: transformational advertising

A great bridge between three dimensional design and graphic design, the clever approach of shaping advertising boards into useful structures has made the IBM advertising boards come to life. Featured in urban settings around Paris, the outdoor ads were designed to be “not only beautiful, but useful to city dwellers” too.
An idea that has inspired our Exhibitions Designer, Raoul, when considering new ways of how to bring engaging spaces to life. In encouraging the general public to interact with the visible concept, it extends the brand message in a positive light. As people sit on the bench, use the ramp or take shelter from the rain, you can expect that their experience will be shared and observed by others – something that is particularly identifiable through social media. As a result, people post about their experiences, spreading the message through various online marketing channels.
In the generation we live in today, information and experiences are shared in various ways. What this campaign shows us, is that it has created a starting point where the communication begins.In placing innovative advertising in a quirky and exposed setting, it opens itself to awareness from a constant flow of people. A similar situation to what is observed at exhibitions and events. This is something that Design Original consistently question when constructing engaging designs; maintaining the importance of creating an environment that people want to interact with, talk about and remember as a fun experience.

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