Standing tall

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Standing tall

Through his role as Managing Director, Will, has been fortunate enough to travel the world. Whether attending exhibitions in the depths of foreign deserts or meeting clients in their international premises; Will has experienced many wonderful things over the years. During his travels, something that has constantly inspired Will is how the landscape surrounding him has continuously revolutionised.
With a particular interest in Architecture, the Flatiron Building in New York is a structure that has always been an inspiration to Will. With its unique build that resembles a traditional flat iron, it has established itself as an outstanding landmark in the city skyline. With the advancement of technology, the economy and culture, the landscape surrounding the building has significantly changed over time. Yet, the iconic building remains as important today as it did when it was first built. Teaching us that revolutionary design and dedication can have a long-standing impact on the world around us.
It is this belief to impress, be recognised and be original that has shaped the direction of Design Original and everything we produce. Taking inspiration from fellow designers, architects and artists, we pride ourselves on the professionalism, commitment and skill that goes into each piece of work we create.

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