Simple forms. Simple beauty

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Simple forms. Simple beauty

On first inspection you may be quick to disregard the straightforward sculptures created by Richard Serra. Using sheets of steel to form the expansive 14ft high walls, the artist has intentionally spaced out the seven sculptures, to encourage visitors to enter a minimalist space.
In forming a solid sculpture that impresses visitors with its unsophisticated beauty, you can’t help to recognise the intelligence behind presenting a method in the most simplistic form; an approach that has inspired our Junior Exhibition Designer, Luke, with his own design work.
The work motivates us to look deeper within design to find the detail and the balance that is needed to make a truly stunning and inviting space for users. By adding small details within the function and layout of exhibition designs, these greatly improve the user experience in how they interact with the space. A technique which is continuously considered by the Design Original team, in how we map out how visitors approach and travel within the exhibition space.

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