People, places and projects

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People, places and projects

Through his role as Project Manager, Harvey, is exposed to many people, places and experiences. From travelling to Monaco to set-up a bespoke event to finding ways for how to contain 200 stress balls into an interactive exhibition stand game; Harvey’s varied position gives him daily insight into lots of weird and wonderful tasks.
It’s this passion for meeting new people and visiting new places, that has allowed Harvey to absorb lots of information that he is able to pass on to clients. In understanding different cultures and the logistics of exhibiting in countries all over the world, this knowledge is shared with clients and contacts alike.
The best creative marketing is shaped around who the end product, service or message is going too. In gaining experiences with different people and settings, it helps us to direct new and exciting ways to engage varied audiences. Having an appreciation for diverse behaviours, expectations and trends; this new found knowledge helps us to present unique ideas that stand out from the crowd.

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