Operation transformation

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Operation transformation

Nothing beats the proud feeling you get when standing across from a finished exhibition stand, a sensation that our experienced Director of Operations, Alex, is all too familiar with. Over the years, Alex has managed engaging exhibitions spaces in all shapes and sizes and no matter what the initial plans were, the dedication to achieve a stunning end result remains the same.
It’s all too easy to walk through an exhibition hall and forget the lengthy process that each space has gone through to get to where it is. Through all the planning, coordination and management that goes into a stand build; Alex knows only too well what it takes to develop a marvellous result that satisfies the client and their audiences.
The importance of producing something amazing – that surpasses expectations, wow’s it’s visitors and has great attention to detail, is something that inspires Alex and all of the Design Original team. Understanding the impact an exhibition space has on everyone involved, is something that we all hold dear in the way we approach every job that comes through the door. We love to impress!

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