Highlighted sensory experience

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Highlighted sensory experience

As living beings, every single day we are exposed to hundreds of sensory experiences, from the strong smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning, to the sound of rain beating against the windows on a typical British autumn day. We are influenced by the environment that surrounds us.
During his time living in Canada, our Graphic Designer, Zak, made an exciting experiential discovery of his own, which came in the form of beautifully packaged box. A lover of all things sweet, Zak, first came across the s’mores biscuit kit, after spotting their charming illustrated packaging in a local supermarket. The product itself is intelligently put together with contemporary typography, monochrome graphics and sharp flat colours.
In understanding the impact packaging has on people, from first impressions to overall impression, it allows us to consider how to entice and encourage potential consumers through the use of impactful design. By outlining a key brand identity and considering the user journey, it helps to shape the end result of significant brand loyalty, a theory which is applied to all the work created by Design Original. We understand the importance of consistent revolutionary design.

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