Capturing moments

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Capturing moments

As a keen photographer, our Graphic Designer, Kat, is continuously inspired by the power of capturing moments with camera and film. A technique that has been enhanced over hundreds of years, the method of photography translates complex messages into enticing images.
A fan of all things quirky, Kat is inspired by photographers who capture twisted fairytales (think Tim Burton-esque) such as the work produced by Annie Leibovitz and Rosie Hardy. In using a camera, the environment and the digital tools available to them, this style of composite photography allows them to create whole new worlds and messages. A technique which adds character to marketing and brings it to life.
In using powerful imagery in all of our creative designs, we understand the impact strong visuals can have on audiences. Whether shown on the front cover of a brochure or large-scale exhibition graphic print, it is essential to select images that communicate the overall core message. This principle is something that everyone at Design Original recognises and identifies with. We are all inspired to deliver the most excellent and impactful visuals that leaves viewers with a lasting impression.

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