Creating tasteful memories

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Creating tasteful memories

Faced with producing a unique environment that engages visitors to come over and join in, is a situation that Design Original is often asked to create for its clients. To transform a space to promote a product, service or brand message, is a task that requires considered thought, skill and brilliant conviction.
Here we welcome the ever- growing trend of experiential marketing campaigns. By introducing the combination of varied effects and techniques, from digital devices to full-scale performances, these orchestrated elements leave visitors with a lasting impression.
When presented with the world’s first edible cake garden, our Business Development Manager, Kelly, was totally impressed with how inventive cake designer Rosalind Miller had been. Taking over 450 hours to bake, build and install in Russell Square, London, the setting was open for one day only. What is the point? Some people may question. The point is, what was made that day was a magical, unforgettable experience that created memories for everyone involved.
It is this passion for creating exciting memories and experiences that really motivates the Design Original team. Always looking for new ways to promote our client brands, we love to dream up inspiring marketing ideas.

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