Meet the team. Reggie & Ronnie

Meet the team. Reggie & Ronnie

As the Design Original team are busying themselves creating your latest show stopping project, we thought it might be nice to introduce ourselves and find out a bit more about what makes DO tick.


We’re starting with the most important members of the team and the office mascots… Reggie and Ronnie!

…So let’s meet these two little pick pockets:


Q1. Job titles: Office Dog 1 and 2.


Q2. What’s your favourite DO project? It has to be anything that involves food.


Q3. What do you love about your job? See above answer!


Q4. What inspires you? We particularly love our lunchtime walks across the farm, it gives our legs a nice stretch and prepares us for the strain of our afternoon nap.


Q5. What are you hobbies/interests? Ronnie: Carrying stuff, all stuff especially if it’s plastic and makes a noise. Reggie: I’ve recently taken up knitting.


Q6. Tell us about your family/kids/pets: We have a couple of humans called Lynn and Will, they can be a bit noisy but we wouldn’t be without them.


Q7. Life goals: To continually improve our stealth skills while bin rustling.


Q8. Favourite quotes: “If your dog doesn’t like someone you probably shouldn’t either.”


…well there you have it ladies and gents, the Design Original team mascots; next month meet Kat one of our awesome Graphic Designers.